If they could, nearly every brand would launch new product to the media with world-class riding, gourmet food, and in-depth, high quality face time.

Whether you have a single product to launch or a full line to introduce,  the proven formula of PressCamp affords all companies national media exposure at a very reasonable price. It greatly reduces product launch out-of-office time and introduces many manufacturers to new media outlets.

PressCamp is a unique event that offers a very structured format with scheduled meetings and networking times. This is not a "setup your stuff and hope someone comes by" event. Meetings are scheduled and agendas distributed on day one.

Now with two dates on the calendar, participating couldn’t be simpler. PressCamp is a turnkey, all costs inclusive opportunity that makes it possible for manufacturers to go to market efficiently and have the best opportunity to receive the editorial support that key brands and interesting products deserve.

PressCamp Winter 2015
Jan 27-30 - Westlake Village, CA
PressCamp Summer 2015
Jun 22-26 -  Park City, UT
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